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About us

Shades of White (SOW) was founded in New York City in 1985 as a hand painted, children’s clothing company. Whimsical characters were painted onto different garments from sox to training pants, to onsies to thermal underwear. Fairies, angles, fruit, animals and rainbows; just about anything that a child could come up with adorned thousands of pieces of children’s clothing for a number of years.

SOW relocated in 1989 to New Haven, Connecticut and reinvented its focus. Gone were the fantastical images to captivate a child’s imagination, the new company focus was business-to-business marketing materials. Brochures, corporate identity and annual reports came front and center. With the advent of the World Wide Web, we entered the internet design arena in 1994.

Major corporations consumed our attention for many years, but always on the back burner simmering quietly was the yearning to once again provide magical artwork for children.

In 1999, SOW again relocated. This time from the East Coast to Middle America, south of St. Louis, Missouri in an idle little town hugging the Mississippi River. The clients of the 90s were left behind along with the Atlantic Ocean and it was time to re-invent ourselves again. Art for children still called to us to create it, so after careful consideration, we founded Magical Child Books to fill the wide open market of Pagan Children’s books. The Neo-Pagan community is the fastest growing demographic in the spiritual landscape, and Pagan parents are crying out for books appropriate for Pagan kids. It is our plan to fill this small, but growing need.

Did you know part of every purchase at Magical Child Books is donated to charity?

When Magical Child Books was founded we made a promise to find a good cause that was close to our hearts. We have finally found a charity that combines our love of art with our focus on children. Brushes for Vincent. Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff commitment is to use every dollar collected for art supplies for kids.

Brushes for VincentWhat is Brushes For Vincent? Annually, any children’s non-profit organization or children’s charitable groups can make written requests to receive FREE art stuff to benefit the children. In the past, Cheap Joe’s has supported burn hospitals, inner city day camps, orphanages, hurricane relief (and all the rest)…..

To purchase our books outside of the United States, please visit The Book Depository, which offers free international shipping.

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