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Are you raising Wiccan children?

Our books are especially suited to teaching Wiccan children about Wicca and other Pagan paths and traditions. We are proud to offer educational and entertaining books for children being raised Wiccan or Pagan and their families. Share age appropriate concepts of Pagan spirituality in child friendly books.

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Make an Ostara Blessings Basket – Craft for kids

Here’s a craft for you to make with your kids. A fun Ostara Blessings Basket.

All you need is scissors, crayons, tape or glue.

Ostara Blessings Basket

Ostara Blessings Basket


Ostara craft for kids – egg holders

Here’s a fun Ostara craft for kids: Click each image to enlarge. Save the pictures to your computer, then print out as many as you need.  Once they are printed, color the pictures with colored pencils, watercolor paints or crayons. Carefully cut them out. Using a leftover bath tissue or paper towel tube cut into 1-inch high sections, glue the colored decorations around the rings.  After the glue is dry, use them as bases to hold your Ostara eggs upright.

Ostara craft for kids Ostara craft for kids Ostara craft for kids


A fun craft for Imbolc

Typically, a fun craft for Imbolc entails a Brigid Cross or Corn Dolly. Here’s a different fun to make project for you and your kids. Imbolc is a holiday when the days can be seen as noticeably longer since the Winter Solstice when the night was the longest of the year. Mark the returning strength of the sun with a Fire Dream Drum. Alternately, you could draw a Brigid’s Cross or a seedling on the drum faces instead.

In any case, this happy noise maker is a fun craft for Imbolc celebrations.

craft for ImbolcFire Dream Drums (ages 9-12)

You will need:

Strong paper dessert-sized plates        White glue

Colored markers, paint, crayons          Sturdy yarn

1-hole hole-punch                                   6mm plastic beads

Long wooden dowels                              Scissors

How to make Fire Dream Drums:

Use the markers, paint or crayons to color flame-like patterns on the bottom side of two dessert plates. With the plates held together, rims touching, and the colored sides facing out, use the 1-hole hole-punch to make eight holes at equal spaces around the lips of the plates. Take a wooden dowel and carefully slide it in between the plates. Make sure the punched holes remain lined up. Glue the top and bottom of the dowel where it meets the edges of the plates. Allow the glue to dry.

Cut eight ten-inch (25 cm) pieces of yarn, one for each hole. Take a piece of yarn and thread it through each pair of matching holes. Make a knot close to the hole in the plates, leaving the remaining ends of the yarn free. Thread the yarn through a few beads and tie the ends together with a double knot. Make sure the knot is secure. We don’t want beads flying across the room when we use the drums!

When all the beads are tied on tightly, the drums are ready to use. To use them, hold the dowel between fingers or palms and spin the dowel back and forth so the beads hit the plates to make a steady drum beat.


A spooky October sale – Watchers 60% off

Watchers October SaleA spooky book for our October sale!

Who’s hiding in corners and watching in the dark? A trap is set and our hero receives a big surprise when the watchers are finally captured.

Something is watching Thomas as he’s sleeping. He decides that he will discover who is frightening him and hatches a plan to catch them in a trap. The story goes from spooky to secure when Thomas discovers who he has captured.

A bouncing bedtime tale your kids are sure to request again and again even after they know the secret.

“W. Lyon Martin’s new illustrated children’s book Watchers is a charming bedtime story for anyone who believes in a little magic and wants to share some fairy dust with their children.

The story, based upon her friend Kelley’s childhood nighttime prayer, is a wonderful affirmation of protection and love by residents of the magical world. It addresses the issue of children’s bedtime anxiety in a positive and comforting way, with a reassuring message at the end.” — Mickey Mueller – Illustrator The Well Worn Path and The Hidden Path tarot decks

Physical book:

Regular price: $16.95 Now $6.78 Save 60%
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Ages 3-6

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NOW $6.85 (65% OFF) Smoky and the Feast of Mabon

Smoky and the Feast of Mabon by Catherynne M Valente

Smoky and the Feast of Mabon by Catherynne M. Valente

NOW $6.85 (65% OFF)

Upset at the sight of her dying flowers, Smoky goes into the woods where she has always felt safe. Now she’s lost! What is that glow in the woods before her? Follow a little girl as she discovers the meaning of Mabon in the wood behind her house, where a magical meal… read more